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    Bra guide

    Which size fits me?

    We are all shaped differently. Therefore some bras will fit us better than others. Below you can find your correct size and the type of bra which fits you the best.

    Insert your measures

    1.Under the breasts (tight)

    Place the measure tape flat and tighten well


    2.Around the breasts (loose)

    Measure yourself - do not tighten - where you're widest


    3.Around the hips (tight)

    Measure yourself 20 cm under the waist - where you're widest


    Which type of bra is perfect? When you have found your right size you must find the type of bra which fits you perfectly. Below please find the different types of bras and the find the one which fits you best.
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    Bra types
      Balconette Push up T-shirt bra Full cup Stay up

    Do you want a beautiful and feminine curve and support?

    • Then try the balconet bra which gives an extra support in the middle and lift from below. The balconet fits most types of breasts and come as:
    • Classic balconet which is without padding
    • Padded bra with comfortable extra support and padding
    • Padded low with low cut is extra feminine

    Do you want extra cleavage?

    • In this case the push up bra will be a natural choise. Push up bras come as:
    • Classic push up gives extra volume and a fantastic cleavage. Pushes from below and from the side.
    • Plunge shaper bra gives extra support and push up effect – fits the larger and the little more soft bust
    • Seamless push up bra has no stitching in the cup which makes it very pretty to wear under t-shirts, dresses etc.

    Do you want an extra smooth bra?

    • Then you should choose our beautiful t-shirt bra. It is seamless and completely smooth in the cup so that people focus on you and your beautiful figure and not on your bra. The t-shirt bra comes as:
    • Seamless padded bra with its low front gives a very nice cut. Fits the firm and larger bust.
    • Seamless shaper gives extra support to the larger bust but is still invisible under tight clothing.

    Do you want extra support?

    • Do you have a large bust and want extra support then the feminine full cup is the right choice for you. Our full cup bra comes as:
    • Classic full cup which gives a good support so that you can wear a really nice looking bra even in the larger sizes. Only available without padding.
    • Full shaper bra gives perfect support but at the same time it has a minimizing effect which is very popular for the large busts.
    • ¾ cup is extra low with a very nice cut – for the special occasion

    Do you want a little extra?

    • The special occasion deserves a special dress and of course the lingerie which shows the best of you and your dress. We recommend the following:
    • Stay up bra which always stays where it should – even when you remove the straps
    • Seamless stay up which is invisible under the top or the dress
    • Body which is the beautiful silhouette under your clothes
    • Corsage with push up, balconet, full cup or stay up
    Breasts Nice rounding and support Extra cleavage Invisible under clothes Indispensable extra support Highlights the best in the dress
    Larger soft G-J cup
    Larger firm G-J cup
    Medium soft DD-F cup
    Medium firm DD-F cup
    Smaller soft A-D cup
    Smaller firm A-D cup


    Video guide - find your right size in 3 easy steps